These four tracks are from our first album "Feel The Conscience". Hope that you enjoy it.If you would like to purchase or download any of our sound tracks below please click on the buy button on the right side of each song.



Below are both our official music videos. Enjoy.

All music written by Gobey and P-Gial except "Bright Side Of Life" which was written by Gobey P-Gial and Stilianos Gavrihlidis

All lyrics written by Gobey except " I'n'I " which was written by Gobey and P-Gial

All tracks performed by Just Dread

Brass arrangements by Fotis Athanasiou

Recorded at Noisebox Studio and PS.K 's Homestudio

Produced and mixed by PS.K

Mastered by Angelos "Timewarp" Stoumpos

Artwork by Sigma Gamma

All rights reserved

Just Dread 2015